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A Guardianship Coordinator's Role in Facilitating Second Parent Adoption

Our initial guardianship coordinators facilitate the process of second-parent adoptions quickly, allowing the waiting children to find permanent homes sooner. Legal documents can be signed more quickly and easily with us. Our goal is to make the lives of orphanage children better by creating better families for them so that they can live full and happy life. It is the goal of our organization to ensure that every child has a loving family, and the nature of our organization is such that we are able to help many children without families or whose families cannot take care of them anymore because the nature of our organization allows us to help them.

The Adoption Process Provides Children with Security and Love

A child adopts a parent who offers them love, security, and permanence. It is important to remain committed despite the good times and the bad times. It is important to provide a child with the love, stability, and nurturing environment they deserve. 

Once an adoption is finalized, the rights and responsibilities of the original parents are transferred to the adoptive parents. Children who are adopted become permanent members of their families. 

A Child's Adoption is Not Illegal in Pakistan

No Child Adoption Law Exists in Pakistan

Adoptions of Children are not regulated by law in Pakistan. An adoption lawyer is essential when adopting from a family or orphanage. An application will be filed with the Family Court on your behalf by the Lawyer. A legal adoption process generally involves four to eight hearing dates spread over six to eight weeks. Almost all of the clients seeking child adoptions from Pakistan live overseas, so “Pakistan Legal Advisors” helps them obtain court orders as well as arrange other documents for the child’s international adoption.

Adopting a child in Pakistan requires you to keep this in mind

    • Adopted children do not inherit anything from their adoptive parents.
    • The Islamic faith prohibits the changing of the names of guardians and adoptive parents but permits changing the names of adoptive parents.
    • Christians and other religions cannot adopt Muslim minors. 
    • It is necessary to execute the adoption and guardianship deeds.
    • Adoptive parents take over the child’s maintenance rights when their child is adopted.
    • Guardianship court approval is required for minors traveling abroad.

Child's Adoption Process:

Adoptive parents must submit medical reports and written reports. Form ICA is known to have the following statistics:


  • The child’s name
  • A child’s birth date
  • Place of birth
  • Family Court Adoption
  • Parents’ names and addresses
  • A couple must have been married for three years or more to qualify. You will need a copy of your marriage certificate. 
  • A minimum age of 25 is required for prospective adoptive parents.
  • The cost of raising a child must be affordable for the parents.
  • It is compulsory for at least one parent to be of Pakistani descent or to be eligible for a Pakistani NICOP or CNIC.

You Can Adopt a Child in Two Ways:

1- An Orphanage or the Parents of a Child

A child adoption deed and its declaration by a civil court can be used to adopt a child directly from your parents. A declaration decree in your favor will result in the Guardian Court issuing you a Guardian Certificate and Travel Permit. 

2- The Children’s Protection Authority

A Guardian Court, as well as the Punjab or Sindh Child Protection Authorities, can facilitate adoptions. The Pakistani adoption procedure prohibits the placement of infants in unrecognized centers. It is recommended that child protection centers or recognized child welfare centers handle procedures instead. You must now convince him that you are qualified to adopt a child from Pakistan by making your case to him.

A complete profile is required when adopting a baby in Pakistan, including the baby’s gender and age. The application must be prepared by a Pakistani lawyer. 

Also needed is information about the adopter’s occupation, age, religion, income, etc. The adoption of children from unapproved centers is not allowed in Pakistan. In Pakistan, this service is only provided by Edhi, SOS Village, and other approved centers. 

Adoption agencies in Pakistan can assist you in adopting a child if you meet the requirements. The adoption certificate issued by your lawyer in Pakistan will serve as evidence of your adoption after the adoption process in Pakistan is complete.

The Guardians and Wards Act of 1890

The Guardians and Wards Act of 1890 is generally credited with establishing guardianship and custody laws in Asian countries.

The guardian court usually considers the welfare of the minor first when deciding who should have custody of the minor, whether it be the parent or, more traditionally, a grandparent or relative. This law gives custody to children. 

A guardianship or custody proceeding in an exceptional family court typically involves three parties:

  • A protective parent  (one who adopt children)
  • Parents (Actyal Parents)
  • The Child

Sections 17 and 25 of the Guardians and Wards Act of 1890 outline parental rights regarding custody. In this category are “Hizanat” and “Wilayat” rights. A mother’s custody is called “Hizanat,” while a father’s custody is called “Wilayat.”


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