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Court Marriage Procedure and Fees in Pakistan

Court Marriage Procedure and Fees in Pakistan


What is a Quick Court Marriage Procedure?

The court procedure for marriage is as follows: The court marriage process is as easy as 1-2-3. You don’t need to go to court (as in India), but you only have to visit our Court Marriage Office, in Karachi. The process for civil marriage in Pakistan is quite simple. These marriages are performed at the Court Marriage Offices of Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore in presence of a lawyer and a Nikah Khawan/Imam. Also, at least two Muslim, male, and sane witnesses are required to witness the court marriage.  


Three Steps to the Court Marriage Process in Pakistan

Steps to court marriage: Court marriage begins when a couple (male or female) visits our court office in Karachi, Islamabad, or Lahore. The court marriage process begins with the Nikah Khawan and Matrimonial Lawyer.

  1. The bride signs an Affidavit for Free Will.
  2. After obtaining permission from the couple Nikah Khawan will solemnize Nikah using Ijab-o-Qabool (offer/acceptance) and recite Khhutba-e Nikah.
  3. The Nikah Nama is a marriage contract that the bride and groom sign. Two witnesses and Nikah Khawan sign the Nikah Nama. The Nikah Register signs the Nikah Nama (marriage contract) and attaches his official seal/stamp. Now the court marriage is complete!

After the ceremony, the matrimonial lawyer handed over respective copies of Nikah Nama to each bride and groom. For official records, one copy is sent to Union Council.


Do you have any questions about the court-marriage process and the fee? 

We understand that the first thing that pops into a couple’s mind when they think about the Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan is the cost of the court marriage. Let’s first understand what Court marriage is. A court marriage is a formal union between a man and a woman. They are usually married by the court of legal procedure. This type of marriage is usually solemnised by the Magistrate/Marriage Register of the area where either or both spouses reside permanently or temporarily.

What's the best way to proceed with court marriage in Pakistan?

The Pakistani Constitution gives the right to choose who to marry. Pakistan Legal Advisors, Attorneys & Solicitors support youth in achieving their dreams through Court Marriage. Other factors are also contributing to the rise in court marriage, such as late marriages, increased education and greater contact between the members of the opposing sex.

What is it that makes a couple consider a court-married relationship?

While the modernization of education has made life easier in Pakistan, it is still a conservative society when it comes to court marriage. Parents treat children as property, not living persons.

The rise in court-married couples is also causing an increase in instances of honour murder. Therefore, the state must protect the lives and liberty of court-married couples. Last but not least, adult couples can fulfil their wishes of marriage at any age by adopting the legal process

court-marriage-process in pakistan
The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan protects the right to choose your life partner as a fundamental human right

It is not enough to solemnise court marriage. The couple who perform court marriage must be protected. To ensure that they are able to enjoy the right to marry of their choice as per the Constitution of Pakistan.